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Pramod Kumar

Designation:Professor and Head



Born in Nov. 1962 and was educated at Patna University, Patna and University of Delhi, Delhi. His book titled “Negation, Logic and Semantics’ has been published from K. P. Jayaswal Research Institute, Patna (1998). Apart from this book, his papers have been published in Journals of International repute like, East and West, Rome (Italy). He has widely travelled abroad including School of Oriental and African Studies, London, Emory University, Atlanta (US), University of Vienna, Vienna (Austria), University of Athens, Athens (Greece), Lausanne University, Lausanne (Switzerland), Buddha Sravak Bhikhu University, Anuradhapura (Sri Lanka) and Zhejiang University, Hangzhou (China) etc. He was awarded Major Research Project by U. G. C. in 2001. He has just submitted Shanghai University’s (China) project titled “Hetuvidya Studies in India”.